Start date: 1 st March 2022 (for an initial term of 3 years)

Deadline for applications 17.00 GMT 20th February 2022

Applications will be considered by the ROTOS Foundation Board

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The Research into Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science (ROTOS) Foundation plans to grow the research connectivity amongst the
European occupational therapy and occupational science community. Its strategic aim is
that knowledge from Occupational Therapy and Occupation Science research will be
appropriately used to inform and shape European policy and practice, by establishing a
strong European profile of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science researchers
that both supports access to occupation-based knowledge for the benefit for all people in
Europe and strengthens occupation-based knowledge generation. Work to achieve the
vision and aim began as an Occupational Therapy Europe standing committee in  2016  and
in March 2020 ROTOS was registered as a charitable Foundation in The Netherlands and
its bank account will also be held in the Netherlands.
The work of the ROTOS Foundation is overseen by a  Board comprising up to 7 members.
The Board mostly meets virtually (via Teams or Zoom) and meets around 10 times a year,
with the annual meeting being held each June. In addition to a defined Board role, each
Board member contributes to the delivery of the ROTOS strategy (2020-2025) and action
plan. Fundraising essential for the Foundation as ROTOS is a charitable organisation which
relies on fundraising, grants, and donations to take its work forward. We are seeking
someone with skills and experience in these areas and an understanding of the European
context to lead this successfully. Other Board members may be asked to contribute to
grant and funding applications to support this role. All members may be asked to
represent ROTOS at meetings with other organisations, or to speak on behalf of ROTOS at
conferences, events, and webinars.

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