Research Interest Groups (RIGs)

Research Interest Groups (RIGs)

One of the primary goals of ROTOS Foundation is to build a robust network among researchers in Occupational Therapy (OT) and Occupational Science (OS). To facilitate this, ROTOS is developing the Research Interest Groups (RIGs), designed to connect OT and OS professionals who share common research interests.

What Are RIGs?

RIGs are specialized groups led by dedicated researchers who volunteer their time to guide and organize the group’s activities. Each RIG focuses on a specific topic within OT and/or OS, providing a platform for members to:

  • Discuss relevant articles and research.
  • Share their own work and current research projects.
  • Collaborate on new research pathways and initiatives.

Our Research Interest Groups

Currently we are thinking of this 5 RIGs:

  1. Children and Family
    • Focuses on research related to pediatric occupational therapy and the dynamics of family involvement.
  2. Geriatrics
    • Concentrates on occupational therapy for the elderly, addressing issues such as mobility, cognitive health, and aging in place.
  3. Mental Health
    • Explores the role of occupational therapy in supporting mental health, including strategies for intervention and rehabilitation.
  4. Chronic health conditions
    • Investigates approaches to managing chronic pain through occupational therapy, aiming to improve quality of life and functionality.
  5. Community
    • Focuses on the role of occupational therapy in community settings, promoting social inclusion, participation, and community health initiatives.

How to Join

Membership in RIGs is open to all researchers with an interest in the respective topics. To join a RIG, you must be a Friend of ROTOS. Each group operates under a set of common guidelines and rules to ensure productive and respectful collaboration.

For more information or to join a RIG, please contact us. We look forward to fostering a vibrant and collaborative research community with your participation.

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