At the 25TH ENOTHE ANUAL MEETING, Dr. Alison Laver-Fawcett, Ms. Naomi Hankinson , Dr. Panagiotis Siaperas , Dr. Esther Steultjens , and  Mr. Niall Turner, presented the workshop: ‘Reviewing evidence and writing Research Summary Briefs for Occupational Therapy Europe.’

Accessible occupational therapy evidence summaries are needed to share with policy makers and service providers to ensure European citizens have access to the best occupational therapy services. Research into Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science (ROTOS) has been tasked by Occupational Therapy Europe to produce a series of peer reviewed Research Summary Briefs.
In this boot-camp workshop we will share knowledge and practice skills for: locating and selecting evidence; undertaking a rapid review (Dobbins, 2017); critically appraising evidence; writing a synthesis conclusion; readability; and writing accessible briefs. The purpose, structure and content of an Occupational Therapy Europe Research Summary Brief will be presented.
By the end of the workshop we will have a draft Research Brief on an example topic, occupational therapy for adults with mental health problems.
Participants are encouraged to bring with them: examples of critical literature reviews they have undertaken; critical appraisal tools; and a smart-phone, tablet or computer (if they have one at the conference).
This workshop is for those who have previously undertaken a critical literature review for a research project (at post-doctoral, doctoral or Masters level) and who would be interested in leading or collaborating with colleagues to produce a Research Summary Brief in future.

Find the presentation of the workshop here:  ROTOS workshop ENOTHE Athens October 2019 (1).


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