Call for a Board member with experience of fundraising to serve on the ROTOS Board

Start date: as soon as possible (for an initial term of 3 years)

Deadline for applications: to be advised please contact for further information.

Applications will be considered by the ROTOS Foundation Board

Fundraising is essential for the Foundation as ROTOS is a charitable organisation which relies on fundraising, grants, and donations to take its work forward. We are seeking someone with skills and experience in these areas and an understanding of the European context to lead this successfully. All business is conducted in English, so a working
knowledge of spoken and written English is necessary. Other Board members may be asked to contribute to grant and funding applications to support this role. All members may be asked to represent ROTOS at meetings with other organisations or to speak on behalf of ROTOS at conferences, events, and webinars. We especially welcome applications from people with backgrounds in fundraising. Knowledge of occupational therapy and occupational science is not essential as other Board members come from these backgrounds.

The work of the ROTOS Foundation is overseen by a  Board comprising up to 7 members. The Board mostly meets virtually (via Teams or Zoom) and meets around 10 times a year, with the annual meeting being held each June. In addition to a defined Board role, each Board member contributes to the delivery of the ROTOS strategy (2020-2025) and action plan.

The Research into Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science (ROTOS) Foundation plans to grow the research connectivity amongst the European occupational therapy and occupational science community. Its strategic aim is that knowledge from Occupational Therapy and Occupation Science research will be appropriately used to inform and shape European policy and practice, by establishing a
strong European profile of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science researchers that both supports access to occupation-based knowledge for the benefit for all people in Europe and strengthens occupation-based knowledge generation. Work to achieve the vision and aim began as an Occupational Therapy Europe standing committee in  2016  and in March 2020 ROTOS was registered as a charitable Foundation in The Netherlands and
its bank account will also be held in the Netherlands.

Improving European citizens’ lives through occupation centred research and science by
having one strong voice for occupational therapy and occupational science research.

That knowledge from Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science research will be
appropriately used to inform and shape European policy and practice, through the
establishment of a strong European profile of Occupational Therapy and Occupational
Science researchers, that both strengthen occupation-centred knowledge generation
and supports access to this knowledge for the benefit of all Europeans.


  1. Establish occupation as a powerful knowledge domain
    To use current research and evidence, and support the development of further research, by
    bringing together established researchers and encouraging a strong voice regarding
    Occupational Therapy research at all levels.
  1. Use occupational therapy and occupational science research outcomes for advocacy
    and to influence policy development.
    To develop research leaders confident in promoting the outcomes of Occupational
    Therapy, Occupational Science and interdisciplinary occupation-centred research as
    beneficial to the lives and occupational wellbeing of individuals and communities.
  2. To build strong collaborations to achieve the ROTOS Foundation’s vision.
    To achieve a sustainable ROTOS Foundation and create a strong research community
    linking researchers to practitioners, educators and other researchers, through facilitating
    working across boundaries in the European context.

For further information or to organise an informal discussion regarding the role, please
Alison Laver-Fawcett, Chair of ROTOS at:
Naomi Hankinson, ROTOS Board member at:

Foundation Day has arrived !

Today on the 11th March 2020 ROTOS became The ROTOS Foundation, a official research charity registered in The Netherlands. 

Dr. Esther Steultjens signs the official ROTOS Foundation papers

ROTOS Committee Work 2016-2017

  • The ROTOS standing committee meet regularly via skype and have two face to face meetings per year.
  • A presentation was delivered at Occupational Science Europe (OSE) Conference (2017-09-8/9, Hildesheim Germany)
  • A presentation was delivered at the European Network of Occupational Therapists in Higher Education (ENOTHE) 23rd Annual Meeting (2017-10-25/27, Zagreb Croatia)
  • An abstract accepted for Oral Presentation at 2018 Royal College of Occupational Therapy Conference
  • A paper outlining the ROTOS aim, objectives and terms of reference was presented and approved at both the ENOTHE & COTEC General Assemblies in 2017.

ROTOS Committee Work 2018

As a committee, ROTOS continued the work on establishing a presence within the field of European Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science. We have developed collaborative partnerships with our COTEC and ENOTHE colleagues as well as cooperation with the the Board of Occupational Science Europe. ROTOS also conducted a survey with the National Associations who are members of COTEC to establish where current research activity is taking place.

ROTOS has received a number of invitations to present at conferences (RCOT 2018, ENOTHE 2018, WFOT 2018) and our submitted abstracts have been accepted which is providing the opportunity to discuss ROTOS with clinicians, educators and researchers.

In 2018 ROTOS achieved one of its goals of submitting a COST action for European funding. Over 20 researchers from around Europe worked together on the submission. If successful there will be funding available to run the networking activities that are required to achieve our aim of establishing a Europe wide network of Occupational Therapy researchers. Growth is next step and establishing operating procedures for managing this growth is important step for 2019.

ROTOS Committee Work 2019 – 2020

  • Complete the process for establishing the ROTOS Foundation.
  • Finalise the necessary arrangements for the day-to-day operations of the ROTOS Foundation
  • Commence Board meetings through Skype
  • Develop a strategic plan
  • Submit a revised COST action
  • Develop and launch a dedicated ROTOS Foundation website.
  •  Continue to build database of researchers interested in ROTOS
  • Attend policy related meetings in Europe when indicated
  • Participate in OT-Europe planning and discuss evolution of ROTOS in
    short, medium and long term
  • Assist with planning and promotion of COTEC-ENOTHE Congress 2020
  • Host a workshop on the ROTOS Foundation at the Congress

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